amy purdy; (x)

Amy Purdy | Life You Want Tour; Atlanta, GA (x)

@amypurdygurlHappy Birthday to sweet @dang_ale. He has been the love of my life for many years. I’ve learned so much about love just in this past few years, I’ve been away so much including today on his birthday and am more grateful then ever for the strong love, friendship and understanding that we have. For the two of us love isn’t a home it’s a person. Home is where the heart is. #happybirthday”

@amypurdygurlRoad Trip #CaliforniatoColorado . Friends, family, nature, love. Grateful to call this beautiful state home. #colorado #natureisawesome #spottedwolfcanyon #rav4 @teamtoyota​”

@amypurdygurlTrying way to hard to take a #sexy road trip #selfie . It’s an art that we have not yet mastered. I don’t know how you all do it! #notasexyselfie”

damn she picked a winner  :/


just checked back and unfortunately adaptive action sports did not win :(

but congrats to the ashley wade foundation

i wonder when amy will pick the winner for that giveaway she is doing (or if she already has) how cool would it be to win that?! 

also i really hope adaptive action sports wins that grant! i just checked the website, and the winner still isn’t posted :/